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Coaching is one of the leading tools that people use to create and sustain a life that is everything they want and need.  Through regular, 30-minute coaching sessions, clients are supported, challenged and coached to identify priorities, align their values with their actions, develop effective strategies for attracting what they want and make progress towards major life goals at an accelerated pace.

Shift Talks™ Master Mind Products

How do you know if you’re right for the Shift Talks™ Master Mind Products?

If any of these seriously apply to you we look forward to hearing from you:

  1. Commitment to Growth now which results in benefits for years to come – Exponential. Ready for MORE.
  2. Elimination of Excuses, ready to handle the pressure – Accept knowing you NEED Imposed Discipline
  3. Team Player, contributor, sharing of ideas, strategies and resources – Excited about the POWER of the Group
  4. Decisive Action, ready to step up, NOW – You believe in a “Life by Design not by Default” Philosophy
  5. You Want Scheduled Success, Progress, Business Growth and Income Increases

Space is Limited in each of our Groups, but if you want to shift are ready to invest in your purpose then reach out to us!


Thank you for visiting our site. Coaching is a tool used by successful people to create and sustain success. Through a holistic approach, we help clients identify priorities and align their values and actions while developing effective strategies to make progress toward established goals. We support, challenge, serve as a cheerleader and sounding board for our clients.

The benefits of working with a coach are numerous.  The benefits include:

  1. Uncovering natural gifts and talents
  2. Maximization of potential
  3. Renewed vision of personal purpose
  4. Professional and personal life balance
  5. Decreased stress without the compromise of success
  6. Establishment of deliberate, focused actions



Next Steps...

If you understand the importance of change to achieving your desired results, please contact us to schedule a complimentary JOLT™ call to determine if we are a fit.