Keep on Keeping On!

We all have felt at times like if the world crumbled upon ourselves. We’ve felt in a hole, a dark bit of reality, caused by negative feelings. It can be disappointments, bad news, a difficult moment in a relationship, failures, you name it.
At those times we don’t really know the way out. We only know it’s necessary to get out, for our own sake (the reali


ation can come after a while). How do you put yourself together? What do you decide it’s important and you’re going to hang on to? What would be the best frame of mind to have?

Whenever you want to get out of a real-feeling-bad situation you just need to reali


e that the answer is in yourself. Give yourself importance. Reali


e that there’s nobody else that can be you better than you, right now, or ever.

You just need to turn to yourself and focus. Forget about what caused you to be in the bad-feeling situation and forget about all your feelings. Focus on who you are and what you want – to achieve, to become, to have… If you have a clearly defined goal, focus on it.
Concentrate on how it would feel to achieve what you want. Feel good. Enjoy feeling good. Use this energy as strength to go ahead. Whenever you start feeling bad, come back to what makes you feel good and light the fire.
Know that there is nothing to fear and you will never be alone, for there will always be someone at eath time for you. Decide to have a positive attitude no matter what.
Besides, there is nobody or anything bigger than you. You are perfectly capable of enjoying a good life withing yourself, and you do not need anybody else to help you do so.
Have the courage to be yourself and do what you have to in order to reach what you want. The
strength that you need is just within yourself. Remind yourself of your goals. Don’t ever give up.
Feel good with yourself and keep on keeping on!

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